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Rule #1 - Be respectful to the ladies. Rule #2 - Do not promote products, services or escorts. I’m Suzette, owner of this playground for fun-loving adults. Sign up now to receive your member benefits: - No censorship. Exhibitionists welcome! - Woman owned. Cuckolds welcome! - Private chat options including live streaming. - Discreet. Your boss won’t know you’re here unless s/he is as well. - Authorized sexy adult store. - Just real people having fun. You must be at least 18 years old to join. Whether you’re curious about swinging and want a friendly swing community to start in, new to the swinger lifestyle, a cuckold looking for some new fun, or an exhibitionist wanting a fresh, lively audience, this adult playground is for you. Besides just sharing pictures and videos, join in on the banter, good times and chat with swingers. Real people with real conversations and flirtations! Feeling like a private chat is more your style, you can indulge in that too. Privately share chat, videos and pics with just that special person or group. If you’re more of an exhibitionist, you can broadcast LIVE. You can do it just for fun or for tips. Yes, members can tip you for showing your sexy live. Cuckolds welcome! If you like sharing your experiences you will not be disappointed with the positive attention you will receive in this adult playground. If you’re looking for someone new for your relationship, you won’t be disappointed there either. Members are very respectful to the ladies. Is it suitable for me? Many beginners who are curious or just want to explore may feel nervous or intimidated elsewhere. Start here and go at your own pace. Consider it as your first parachute jump - breaking the barrier of fear and in a playground with respectful, positive friends. Many couples confirm that swing activity filled their lives with a storm of emotions, and gave an explosion to their most exciting senses. Explore the new horizons with us and have a little piece of regret for holding your inner beast for so long! Forget about uncertainty Your privacy and safety are a top priority. Your privacy settings can be easily adjusted to the level that suits you best. Not sure exactly how to do that? Contact me, Suzette, and I will walk you through it. While members are respectful, sometimes you just don’t want see what certain people share. You can simply block them from your feed and be done with it. You can always contact me if you feel uncomfortable for any reason and we’ll fix it. Hey, this is a playground, ya know? Sound like your kind of adult fun? Sign up now to experience a new palette of fun and entertainment in a world full of pleasures!